if wishes were Horses

It wasn't the first time Mary-Margaret had forsaken choir practice to meet a lover, but she had tarried longer in her pleasure than usual and now needed to make haste for home. Taking an old poacher's path through the woods, she stepped out of the woods to the meadow just as a wee man in a little green suit was stepping in, so she grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up.

"They always do" the leprechaun thought to himself as she held him aloft, and turned him this way and that "and it makes me feel like a fish". When she had looked her fill, and given him a sniff, Mary-Margaret said "You'd be a leprechaun, then".

The leprechaun's only response was a rolling of his eyes until Mary-Margaret gave him a good shake and said louder, again "You'd be a leprechaun, then".

"Of course I'm a bleedin' leprechaun, you cow!" he sputtered. Mary-Margaret held him even higher and then dropped him, saying "Wheeeeee! before catching him and holding him up like a child to her face.

"Then I've got a wish coming, don't I?" she asked and he sighed as he nodded his little head. "Then I wish this wee man I'm holding would be my little bitch for a hundred years!" she replied, with the strangest of smiles "starting right now!"

And some say, if you're walking that path at the right time, you can hear the scream of that leprechaun still, echoing off into the dark woods.


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