the War on Drugs 2011 update

The War on Drugs continues in America, ergo
in Canada, etc. I wondered if it might come up
for discussion during the current financial meltdown, especially in the US as the vig
on the Last American Century comes up
all due and payable.

But I didn't wonder about it much, and I certainly knew better than to Hope much. The first duty of
a contemporary organization is what's known
in some quarters as the ideology
of the Cancer cell -  survive.

Leaving aside the "moral imperatives" around drugs held by so many Puritan hypocrites,
the organizations vested in its future are
nothing if not well-organized*.

The numbers of people employed in
and profiting from it - from cops in cars to prison guards in watchtowers -  are huge.

They have enormous economic resources, along with exclusive access to information
and influential people.

The same can be said for the organizations
they seek to "end". From biker gangs to coke cartels, these organizations have a deeply
vested interest in the future
of the War on Drugs.

Strange bedfellows? Not really...

Like the "law enforcement community",
these organizations want the War on Drugs 
to go on and on. They want it to go on and on
for the very same reason - their future revenues depend on it, totally.

As long as the War on Drugs continues, prices
and the resultant earnings will remain artificially high, regardless of quality or long-term impact of their products.

When this many people, with all that money
and all those guns, want something to continue,
it will. Any "moral" brownie points that may accrue are a collateral benefit, a puff of rectal smoke to keep your eyes watering and away from all the ruined lives and the growing death tolls.

But leaving these and other moral/liberal/commie-inflected notions, I thought maybe the pissing away of so much money might draw the attentions of the fiscally focused, even briefly.

Ha ha.

Like the War on Terror, the War on Drugs will never end. One can still dare to hope, but the fix is in too deep.
It's not a conspiracy.

It's a convergence of self-interests.

It's the Market at work.

Caveat emptor.

* indeed, they are famous for making trains run on time, etc.


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