Ralph Steadman

A great artist is a singularity, an individual who, through force of will and technical skill, can translate their profound personal passion and intelligence into something that touches us...
and in that touching, change us.

Ralph Steadman is a great artist.

He was not well known when he arrived in Kentucky in 1970 to work with a little-known writer on a piece for Scanlan's magazine on the running
of the Kentucky Derby.

It all worked well enough to do it again. This time they would go to a conference of police chiefs
in Las Vegas.

On drugs.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas would change everything. Bars were raised. Stuff hit fans.

New ones were ripped.

It launched one of the most  powerful creative synergies of the 20th century. Their words and images sang like tunnel canaries on crystal meth about the rot and decay in the vitals of America
and beyond.

Decades later, as we stand knee deep and sinking
in cynicism, falsehoods and corruption of every persuasion, it's clear they were right about it all.

With a draftsman's eye and the passion
of an angry, decent man, he has created paintings, prints, drawings, books, coffee cups and cufflinks in a distinctive voice that rages with love, fear and loathing.

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