the persistence of Memory

Oh. My. God.

She brought the little glowing screen closer to her face, and touched each of the figures in the photo with her finger tip. She didn't even remember taking this picture... probably just playing with her new cel last September, on the first day of school.

Seven months later, there were Daniel and Andrew crunching through the dry leaves and laughing about something with no clue that this was the last minute of their lives. There was bus rolling slowly towards them. She remembers her surprise, that something so big could move so quietly. 

When the bus knocked them down, one of them had screamed until the double tires on the rear axle rolled over him. Then there was only a strange silence, and she'd barely noticed the bus rolling past her down the hill.

Her eyes were riveted on the dark red blood oozing into the rusty grate by the curb, but her thoughts were miles away, remembering that night on the beach.

She pressed "delete" and when it asked if she was sure, she pressed "Yes".


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