bipolar as a Them 2

every bipolar person i've ever
met has bad drug stories.

a bad drug history just seems to come
with the plumbing. the happy ones end
with "and now i'm on this, which seems
to be working pretty well for me...
i don't get like that anymore".

'getting worse' is not generally what we go
to health professionals for, so i think one can
understand why there are bipolar people
who shake their heads sometimes
about the medicating industries.

on the other hand, i found myself talking
to a medical professional who saved
my life, and i'm not the only one...

to be bipolar is to be emotional by nature,
in good ways and bad. it is no doubt as maddening to medical professionals as it is to many bipolar people that treatment has to be so highly individualized. what works for one person
may be completely toxic to another.

there is no silver bullet for bipolar and no one is expecting one. the doctors tinker and so do we-
trial error, with a tendency to focus
on errors more than most.

it is this highly individualized experience
of both symptoms and useful treatments
that got me thinking tonight while
i was waiting for the bus.

what if 'bipolar' is not an 'it', like measles
or malaria or anthrax.

what if 'bipolar' is more like a meeting
place, a chemical community centre
where a variety of perceptions, experiences
and behaviours meet?

- tbc -


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