Meditations on a Seasonal Psychosis

i think this must be one of the best
of the year to be broke.

a better idea

there's no worries about what to buy
or which one to pick, because i have
no money.

not "no money" as in "ohmigod,
the VISA's over-heating"...

... more like "no money" as in no more
loonies or toonies in the change jar.

brain storm

ha ha!

forward into history



fortunately, no one i know
- including me - really needs
more stuff.

freedom of choice

ha ha!

homeward bound

...so given the full-court press
on everywhere now about Stuff,
feel even more like a cultural
tourist than usual.

i feel like Spock,
or maybe Alice.

he knows when you are sleeping.
that kind of creeps me out.

Alice Spock.

it's all about the weather

an interesting name
for a syndrome.

run, paint run run

captain beefheart's passing has kept him
in my thoughts this week.

riding MS to death was a hard way to go,
but i think he enjoyed his life, and ever
the shaman, he remains a powerful inspiration.

earth boring

...and i'm trying not to imagine
spending 4 days
and nights
at Heathrow Airport?

those poor bastards.

i've been there. woof.

they would have been taking me out
in bubble wrap after about 24 hours.

but hey...
private room.


the solstice has finally turned
towards the sun again.

it's carazy how much i feel
that each year.

gord's home

my brother's home.

- 30 -


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