O Canada

it's getting harder and harder to believe
that i live in a country where people
said things like...

We take the position that there is no place
for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.

We peer so suspiciously at each other that we cannot see that we Canadians are standing on
the mountaintop of human wealth, freedom
and privilege.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to participate in that work as a representative of my country, Canada, whose people have, I think, shown their devotion to peace.
Of all our dreams today there is none more important - or so hard to realise - than that of peace in the world. May we never lose our faith in it or our resolve to do everything that can be done to convert it one day into reality.

Usury once in control will wreck the nation.

Canada is our country. It belongs to us
and we belong to it. Let us join together,
in our time, and make history once again.

As a people, we know what we can do, we know how to do it, and we just want to get on with it. How? By ensuring that Canada's place in
the world is one of influence and pride.

The twentieth century belongs to Canada.

when's the last time this guy
said something that made
you feel proud?

- 30 -


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