bipolar as Them #4

i would have to really dislike someone
to wish an agoraphobic experience
on them.

i'm not saying i never would,
or that i don't have a list drafted,
back in my lizard brain,
but it's a pretty heavy wishdown.

i'd want to be pretty damn sure
about the karmic implications
before i pushed that button.

anyway, tonight, 30 years later,
i was waiting for a #4 bus,
heading west to go see my brother
at the hospital when i thought
about Agoraphobia and Bipolarity
and went OK, so i'm both of those...

and quite probably,
there's a couple of others...

...like a dash of Obsessive Compulsive
when it comes to lights, ashtrays,
plane tickets, house keys and locks,
for example...


...and probably more than a hint
of ADHD in the way light, sound
and other ambient factors
can affect me...

maybe bipolar is not a "this".

maybe bipolar is an umbrella.

photographs by me, walking home,
December 8, 2010


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