the Drug War thing...

coke for wine

i'm addicted to the internet, among other things. small town, rain and dust, no money, no dog... no wheels.
try it some time. it's satellite tv, liquor, fishing or fucking... or the net.

i don't know anybody here to drink or do the wild thing with, tv commercials makes my brain bleed, dogs and liquor cost money and i don't have a boat.

ipso faco ergo,
i spend a lot of time on line.

being an image junkie as well as an image generator, i spend a lot of time looking at pictures.

i like putting together three or four image search terms together and hitting 'fetch,  Algorithm'...

coke for coughs

if i'm trying to get a thing done, my rule is find it on page one. pick one. do it...

it's not my preferred method. i like to enter those terms and then see what comes up when you get
to page 20, or page 40. ca-razy, and i use the term advisedly.

this simple zen trail always leads to 'who knew?'.
it comforts me, and reiterates my abiding faith in and wonder at the complexity of it all.... which brings us to Blow.

snow. the Dama Blanca. your Aunt Nora. flake. girlfriend. happy dust. nose candy. white gold, Columbian tea***

i'm talking the Peruvian Lady.
maybe even the full Belushi.

Doctor coke

most of these cocaine illustrations
date back to before Prohibition.


when i look at these images, i get the distinct impression that there was a once upon a time
when it was even easier to get coke in America. or when traveling abroad.


coke for hair

i don't even like coke [2], but you don't have to be Keef to perk your ears up at that.

we're not talking washed out, stepped on, over-cut "too far from the point of entry" wheat state coke, no. we're talking pharmaceutically pure... to all intents and purposes, a different drug.

too much coke for some

these old ads and labels and such don't make me think "like oh wow man, i so wish i could run down to Shopper's and score some now man. that would be awesome."
what all these old ads and labels and such
say to me is
"this was a country
with a pre-existing condition".

coke for babies

America, like so many other places, was already using. pharmaceutical.

and just as prohibition of alcohol disrupted people's lives, so did the ban on blow.

prohibition on alcohol was repealed because there was clearly more money money in selling over the counter... and fewer of those noveau riche and their wannabees using machine guns to negotiate their deals.

two habits had been formed. in one case, the law was re-adjusted to conform with reality.

more coke for wine

if you've ever acted out scenes from Trainspotting in your living room with someone you care about, you know habits like these are not trifles.

coke for teeth

America didn't start taking coke when everybody was Kung-fu fighting in the 70s. America had been into coke for about a century by then...

jeeze eh, you have to wonder.

a bottle of coke

but history's not there to be learned from, history's there to be repeated.

history is one long forever face palm...

suck it up.


coke's a tonic!

all our
revelations and our revolutions will be televised after all, but bitch of it is  there are no more all-new episodes.

this is it. we really are this stupid.


*** well, the first thing you know,
       Jose's a millionaire.
       the kin folk said...

[2] i don't even like coke because it makes people [2a] boring.

[2a] people including me.

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