Sunday Funnies - Subnormality

there are a lot of great comix
on the web.

you can find timeless classics
from all kinds of masters...

you can discover brilliant
contemporary comix artists too...

which brings us,
with uncharacteristic speed,
directly to...

there is nothing about this art i don't like...

it's everything that's so hard to find in places like the comic section of any contemporary newspaper on any given weekend.

it's smart, current, witty and well-paced.
it self-describes as "comix with too many words since 2007", but i'd call it literate.

these are not the cheap laughs.
these are not click-click millisecond ha-has
for tweeting, tumbling ADD wannabees.

  these are stories told in strong lines, well drawn...
and in beautiful colour.

these gorgeous colours are hardcore eye candy,
but this eye candy is integral to the tales...
just one of the synaptic rewards
that come with paying some attention.

what's not to love?

go there. chill. enjoy.


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