My Little Gold Olympic Scrapbook 2

The 2010 Winter Olympics 


if Day 1 was all about 'expectations', on Day 2 there seems to be a course correction.  the word today seems to be something like  "goodie-goodie". there are so many Moms onscreen and so much "gee whiz, you know everyone's a winner if they try their best" from the commentators that i have to switch over to The First 48 for 2 hours to keep from going into a diabetic coma.


i miss the cbc, but i think letting CTV bid them out on these games was a good call. 

as Fortuna would have it, these games are now a party we can't afford happening while millions of people in Haiti need water and food and shelter desperately. when they are over in 10 days or so, the BC government's recent cultural clearcut will go into full effect and the hangover begins. doing a good job on these games would be putting a spit shine on the ones who did this in BC, our president-for-life and their fellow travellers.
CTV's coverage is already making me cross and it's only day two. it's like watching actors do Canadian reality TV - too high-pitched or way too Nice, and nothing in the middle but damp air. except for the guys who sound like they've been seconded from the wrestling channel. they just always sound the same.


part what's making me cranky is Too Much Skating. prime time seems like nothing but skating. figure pairs, figure solo, speed skating 5 metres, speed skating 100 metres. skates, skates, skates. whatever. 

stay tuned...

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