To Russia, with Love

some years ago, people were going
around saying 'nyet, nyet, Soviet'
for some reason. 
it might have been the chorus
of a pop song or something. 

who cares.
i only mention it so I can say
personally, I lean more toward 

the 'da, da, ru-SHA!' side 
of the pool.

from most of what I've seen and read, 
Russians are as radical as caucasians get. 
i think of them as Extreme Humans,
and mostly in a good way.
their culture (cultures?) evolved over
centuries across vast and often remote
parts of the planet, and compared 
to many countries - Canada, for instance - 
were spared the relentless pounding 
of the pop culture that was so much
a part of the old American century. 
and it shows...

this is a Russian bus stop.

a Russian government official

a Russian family moment

this is an AK 47...

a highly successful Russian industrial design

here's a Russian pussy cat...

and here's a Russian monster truck

these are Russian gangsters. 

if they went head to head 
with Tony Soprano's boys, 
who do you think would win?

this is an ekranoplane

it's Russian machine that flies on water.

these Russian boys...

are playing with bullets.

words fail me,
but it's Russian.

when talking with Russians,
one should avoid talking
about the weather 
if possible...


 u...because next to them.
we really have very little
to complain about...


there are a million more examples,
but I'm thinking you get my point.

i think that Russians could scare Klingons.

if Klingons ever come to Earth,
I will be cheering for Russia.

i also think that the only thing
that scares Russian men
is probably Russian women... 

which only makes sense...

 ...and probably has its upsides too.


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