My Little Gold Olympic Scrapbook

The 2010 Winter Olympics
are finally here!

after so many years of planning and waiting
and spending and hype, the Games have begun! 

it seems like a dream... and though I'm no fan of corporate culture, I am a big fan of people who work hard and try hard and so I'm watching more TV in a day than I usually do in a week... fascinated by the passion and energy of the athletes competing, and notably less impressed by the presentation...

these events always go by so quickly, I wanted to keep my own journal of observations and special memories... there have already been so many!


well thank god buddy won that frickin' gold, eh? i thought the whole country was going to pop a blood vessel if it didn't happen PDQ. he seems like a good man, and his love for his brother is really inspiring. i'm glad the rest of the athletes in red and white can now play their own game without that hanging over them all.

but i sure would have appreciated having The Moment last a little longer it did before VISA was running The Moment as a feel good commercial moment, putting themselves between The Moment and i. unseemly haste. sometimes, just because we have the technology doesn't mean we should...


it seemed Day 1's word
was "expectations". i'm not sure if that was or is the mood of the country, or if it's only the commentators who are suddenly so shallow.

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- and on to DAY 2! -

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