My Little Gold Olympic Scrapbook

the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
as seen from a distance

Tonight's episode-
Meditations on Ice & Hockey

as i write this, there are some kind of intimidated as in psyched-out Finnish* women on the ice with Canadian women playing hockey.
the first goal is scored by the Canadians and it is beautiful hockey. around the back, perfect backhand pass right on the tape and it's done like dinner.

these women have a good understanding of that Olympic fundamental- we are here to know the best.


did i say Euro-rules out loud? was i supposed to mean Olympic Rules? it's one of those great divides. Europeans seem to feel the way we play hockey is closer to barbarism than the Marquis of Queensbury.

To many Canadians, EuroHockey Rules read like something that bubbled up from some EEC sub-committee on Sport in a basement in Belgium somewhere.
EuroRules, seen from this end of the kaleidoscope, can be filed under The UnNeccessary, The Aggressively Lame and How Much of That Did You Drink?


IT may or may not be OUR GAME, and I don't know which is worse. THIS - these Olympic games - is not our game, and no one should be surprised if from time to time, something is lost in translation.

It was good to hear the Great One today, as opposed to seeing him in a million cutaway shots. he was on CTV, sitting in that beauty room down by the bay and the Wayner is reminding me of that Aislin cartoon- the one that ran after Rene Levesque and the PQ were elected

where Rene's standing there with a coffee and a smoke looking right at you and saying "OK- everybody take a valium".


so how much do-re-mi does Sam the Sham
see when they play Wooly Bully
for 20 seconds before
the next face-off?


it's a real relief to have the logo situation on the boards
and in the ice sorted, however briefly.

i can't help it. i grew up playing hockey when boards were white. logos were found by the scoreboard, around the pay phone and in the dressing rooms, not on the boards, and not in the ice.

is Olympic life what it used to be like in the Soviet?

one big logo?


so where did this "Own the Podium" crap come from?

was it the same past-their-prime vunderkinder
who came up"the Best Place on Earth"
for British Columbia?

it smells like the same team spirit to me.

perhaps we can dial the whole thing down
a little for the next one?

"Time-Share the Podium"

you heard it here first. 



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