My Little Gold Olympic Scrapbook 3

The 2010 Winter Olympics 

it's a good thing there were helicopters available and money was no object this month or we might have been doing these games in the mud. 
coming as these games do - in the wake of Canada welching out on Kyoto, and our shameful performance in Copenhagen -

am i the only one who thinks there's something funky in the fact that we are now hosting a winter Olympics in the spring? 


who's got game?
if you're talking to me, i'm saying Latvia. holy doodle - watching their men's hockey team go head to head with Russia was one of those sports moments that redeems the olympics for me.
i don't think there was ever any question about who was going to win, but the Latvians just kept coming, and coming and coming.
and they kept coming back all the way to the end of the game- never giving an inch and making the Russians earn every step.
thanks for a great game, guys. you rock!


and talking about game...


why are people getting on the case of the Canadian women's hockey team?
it seems some people have an issue with them winning big... what in my youth we would have called 'creaming' their opponents so far.

meanwhile, the US women's team say right out loud that they deliberately turned down their game so they wouldn't score so many goals in a similar situation.

when did it turn into 'a bad' to work hard
and build a great team?

a great team should play their best every time they step on the ice. if they do that, then win or lose, they're still a great team. it is not "more sporting" to hold back - it is the antithesis of 'sporting'. 
it is not a kindness- it is condescending and patronizing, a pink warm and fuzzy kind of contempt. 

i'd rather get creamed than be an object
of pity. at least when you get creamed,
it's honest.


what is up with those Royal Bank ads? why is a company who has actually supported Canadian Olympians for so running such incredibly lame ads?

they look like the sort of thing you'd see between the whistle and the face-off on a scoreboard, not in HD... a Smurfy Tribute to Magritte.


what comes between me and figure skating i think is that it's so Euro-classical. i know this is a lot of people's cup of tea, and i'm not suggesting that i want it off earth now, but i'm also not going to get into it anytime soon.

that Euro-classical thing is locked into a definition of excellence that doesn't elude me so much as vex me.

it comes out in high relief when in the context of downhill skiing - every bit as competitive, but not nearly so much about a belief in both the possibility and the desirability of control as it is about flying... pushing closer to where the edge might be, closer to it than anyone else. 

snowboarding requires every bit as much consciousness of one's body and of space as figure skating, but all the competitors look like they are having fun. i think they are, and it makes boarders fun to watch, regardless of their nationality.

in that, it's the antithesis of the Euro-classical tradition. it's a new world sport.
a new world attitude.

and the beat goes on....

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